We have had an incredible opportunity to partner with The Block and The Block Shop to be a part of their new season show which started Sunday 23rd August 2020.

Over the years Block contestants have spent their first few nights at The Block roughing it until they’ve managed to complete their first room. They have had to put their heads down for a few zzzzz in some rather dilapidated spaces.

This year the new cast had the luxury experience of sleeping in one of our Pro Series inflatable air tents! The opportunity arose after we worked last season with former contestants Ronnie & Georgia (The Block 2017, Elsternwick). These guys posted a video of themselves inflating our Aerodome III Pro tent for their family on 2020’s Australia Day long weekend – a few weeks before The Block 2020 was due to shoot.

Ronnie & Georgia’s post caught the attention of The Block’s producers who hadn’t yet thought about where contestants would sleep before they’d had the chance to complete their Beach Box in the all-important ‘house decider’ challenge.

“Normally we’d just give them a mattress and a sleeping bag and let them work it out for themselves. It was pretty kind of us really, giving the contestants this kind of luxury on night one of The Block,” Scott Cam said with a chuckle. “But we thought it would make some good tele watching the couples inflate their tents! We haven’t seen that on The Block before.”

Ronnie and Georgia on their first family camping trip with the Aerodome III Pro air tent - Australia Day 2020.

Luke and Jasmine getting out their Pro Series tent ready to inflate.

Our Air Tents are often referred to as the argument-prevention or anti-divorce tent as they go up so quickly and easily.

There is no guessing where poles go, and one person can do it easily, so we were really excited to see how they got on! The did pretty well really…… even if most of them did forget the odd bit here and there.

The Block contestants camping like a pro on night one!  


You now have the opportunity to purchase the ACTUAL tents slept in by your favourite new Blockheads Jimmy & Tam, Luke & Jasmin, Harry & Tash, Daniel & Jade and Sarah & George – block dust and all.

Proceeds of each tent sale will be donated to THE GOOD BOX – an enterprise who create gift boxes containing first-hand quality items & necessities to be distributed to people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

The boxes not only contain great things to put a smile on the face of the recipient but are a vehicle to an important conversation which can help some of the most isolated people in our society to be more likely to seek and accept assistance. 


Visit THE BLOCK SHOP for more details.